Understanding Risks. Maximizing Returns.
About Us

What do we do? Credigy is a sophisticated, global consumer finance investment firm. We purchase and invest in consumer finance related portfolios. In everything we do, our success is a result of our dedication to understanding risks and maximizing returns. Our disciplined, yet adaptable investment strategy focuses on diversification.

Our investments are diversified geographically. With current operations in North America, South America and Europe, we continue to expand into new geographies, partnering with local experts to maximize our understanding of unique market variables and leverage valuable market know-how.

Our investments are diversified amongst numerous asset classes. While maintaining our focus in consumer finance receivables, we broaden our portfolio and our expertise each year by investing in new asset classes.

Our investments are diversified across the delinquency spectrum. With a long history and in-depth expertise in non-performing loans, we have adapted to the ever-changing financial markets and shifted our strategy not only to include performing assets, but to focus on them as they become the fastest growing segment of our portfolio.

Our investments are diversified by their structure. We have the ability and willingness to structure complex transactions in whatever manner makes the most sense for the geography, the asset class and the delinquency type. From principal acquisitions to structured finance transactions, we make smart decisions regarding how we invest.

How are we different? We are focused and we are flexible. We have a rich history of industry experience and a passion to keep learning. We find intrinsic value where others do not. We act fast - not just in theory, but in practice. We understand and adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. Credigy is an industry leader with a global presence and we are committed to honoring best practices in all areas of our business.

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