What We Do

Credigy is a global specialty finance company with flexibility across the capital structure to acquire or finance a diverse range of assets. We invest in consumer-related assets across multiple asset classes and geographies. We are the partner of choice when financial institutions face complex challenges and strategic changes.



From our parent company’s significant capital commitment to the dedication and alignment of our leadership team, our foundation is strong.



We understand rapidly changing market conditions and collaborate with our partners to deploy creative solutions.



With investments spanning asset classes, capital structures and geographies, we offer deep expertise with an ever-widening reach.


Who We Are

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Credigy is a consolidated subsidiary of National Bank of Canada. Our performing, prime portfolio is diversified across a wide variety of consumer-related assets. We’re proud to have closed more than 260 deals, representing over $12B+ invested life to date... and counting.

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How We’re Different

Credigy’s success is the result of our dedication to understanding risks and maximizing returns. Our disciplined, yet adaptable investment strategy is built upon three guiding principles:

  • Emphasizing model risk over credit risk

  • Leveraging a flexible model for servicing portfolios

  • Maintaining the perspective of a long-term, value investor and growth partner